We are committed to empowering those with Intellectual Disabilities to make their own choices and to experience life’s diverse possibilities.

Diverse Journeys, Inc. is a non-profit public benefit corporation dedicated to assisting persons who have intellectual disabilities to coordinate the support they need to live safely in their own homes. We offer guidance to access and develop connections within their community and to choose the people and places with which they spend their time.

Diverse Journeys, Inc. specializes in providing a Kaleidoscope of Community-based services: SUPPORTED LIVING SERVICES; COMMUNITY INTEGRATED DAY TRAINING SERVICES and more recently FAMILY HOME SERVICES. Our mission is to provide high quality individulated supports which are based upon each person’s own unique needs, wants and desires for their future.


Here are some ways to join our team:

Supported Living Services offer a fundamentally different relationship between people with intellectual disabilities and their service provider. Join our team as a Community Support Worker or Case Coordinator.

Community Integrated Day Training promotes Community Inclusion through training and guidance up to five days per week, seeking and securing employment, enrolling in classes at community college or adult school, enrolling and participating in recreational or hobby activities and classes through local parks and recreation, and the YMCA. Join our team as a Community Support Worker or Case Coordinator.

As a Family Home Agency, Diverse Journeys was in partnership with other non-profit agencies to locate and access affordable housing.  These houses offer a real opportunity to experience “family life” in an unlicensed, but certified home. Join our team as a Family Teaching Couple or Family Mentor.

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